Coffee Corner #3 – Workforce 4.0: A New Work state of mind

Organisations have two options for the future. Either they snap back to how it was pre-COVID or they can choose a different path.

We have been watching closely and have been asking ourselves is it enough to scurry back to the normal we knew?

Maybe not! Maybe everybody would miss out if we did…

Employees have tasted a new more flexible way of working, they have seen the benefits, and can they really want the old way back? On the other hand, organisations should ask themselves, “is this a way to ‘win back’ our disillusioned and disengaged workforce?”

If a more flexible workforce is the way forward then what does that mean for company structures? Is it the death knell for the org. chart as we know it? Is it time for a more organic workforce that flexibly ebbs, flows and reshapes to fit needs in our exponentially changing world?

Who knows, but we are exploring these questions soon in our next coffee corner. Join us and some other  leaders and professionals to debate and share ideas, views and experiences.

Join us here!