Coffee Corner #4: Time to Think™ in Virtual Meetings

One thing is for sure connecting online has become the common way to meet, exchange information and do work. And its here to stay!

So how can we make them really effective? How can we overcome the challenges they pose us?

It is more than just relying on the technology, although stable and easy to use platforms do help an awful lot. We also need to ensure that we have the best “Human Technology” in place as well. In short the ability to generate people’s best thinking in a virtual world. The Thinking Environment™ developed by Nancy Kline, not specfically for our virtual world, actuall gives us tools and techniques that really help in virtual meetings – it allows people to do their best thinking, to be creative and innovative.

You can use Teams, or Zoom or whatever tool you prefer but how can you optimise the process and the outputs. Let us show you some tools and methods in our short coffee corner virtual session, and you also get to try them out as well!

Learn how to feel energised, get great involvement and excellent outcomes in our Time to Think coffee corner.

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