Coffee Corner #5: Leading with heart & smarts: Balancing gender roles

Recent events have shown us that with so many different and new challenges, some of them pulling us in opposite directions, that we need a different kind of leadership now, and more so than at any other time in history!

Our next coffee corner gives us a space to share ideas, discuss the new leadership traits that we might need, as we pave our way towards a new way of living and working. We think that this is a golden opportunity to make a change in gender equality; part of how we create our new normal is how we balance gender roles; in our organisations, our different roles, our families and our society.

Of course it isn’t easy otherwise it would already be more balanced. But change happens one person and one conversation at a time.  So let’s start now!

In our 90 minute session we will explore the following topics:

  • The barriers to creating a gender equal workplace
  • The need for more holistic leadership traits and how to start working towards this
  • How we develop both men and women in order to celebrate, appreciate and leverage women in business

Get input, ideas, and tips from leaders in other organisations as well as sharing your own challenges & experiences.

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