Coffee Corner #6: Extending the Reach of Psychological Safety

It has been a crazy year.

The pandemic crisis has touched all our lives, wherever in the world we are, whatever we do and whoever we are. Organisations have been grappling with the fall-out on a daily basis. Leaders have made tough decisions, made change upon change, and tried to give support to their people whilst also going through the same new challenge themselves. And we as individuals have also coped with so much emotinally and practically; feeling isolated, being concerned about the health of our loved ones, keeping up to date with ever-changing Covid regulations, working at home, home-schooling, and more recently going back into society and the workplace.

It has been so much.

Sometimes it has felt overwhelming, and it raised the topic of pyschological safety. One that is always important for us but even more so at present. And it raised some important questions too. What are organisations doing to help their people feel a little safer, yet still productive? How are leaders supporting and keeping connected to their teams and people, and at the same time setting a direction that gives their organisation the best chance of thriving into the future? How are we being with each other, communicating and behaving with our colleagues in a way that builds confidence and positivity, rather than raising anxiety and lowering morale.

So we have opened a space to share and discuss these dilemmas and challenges in our upcoming coffee corner.

In the 90 minute session we will explore:

  • Psychological safety and the virtual world
  • What is the personal impact of recent changes?
  • What does this mean for leadership?

Join us to listen to other perspectives, share ideas, discuss your own hot topics, and get a sprinkle of research thrown in for good measure too!

Here are the details for joining us!