Coffee Corner #8: HR is Evolving – Are You Keeping Up?

The Coronavirus pandemic has burst onto the scene and set about organisations like a thug with a sledge-hammer. It has been at a brutal speed for many businesses and the people in them and equally brutal in the fear and uncertainty it has caused.

HR have been on the frontline – dealing with day-to-day issues such as sickness, absenteeism, employee wellness, remote working and a host of other time-consuming activities. On top of that they have also been providing strategic support and guidance as leaders quickly change their business to whatever is needed to survive and thrive in a totally new environment.

HR has been striving to be a key driver within organisations for many years, never quite getting there; perhaps this is the catalyst that was needed?

Join us on our next coffee corner to explore this question further, share ideas, listen to other professionals, offload frustration etc.

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