Simple tips to keep your team on the same page

Even the best of teams can lose their way when facing the demands of a fast-paced workplace with heavy workloads and rapid-fire changes. So what can keep the group on the right track when the going gets tough?
Here are 5 simple tips to keep your team on the same page – along with some tried and tested tools from our arsenal to ensure success.

1. Know your purpose

A key to success – and your first priority – should be identifying your team’s shared purpose. Ensure there’s clarity and buy-in from everyone in your organisation.

Ask yourselves: “Why are we all here?” “What are we trying to achieve?”

Remember, the purpose doesn’t always describe what it is you do but focusses more on why you do it. For more on this, read this excellent article by Simon Sinek, ‘Why start with why’, and (on the same page) watch his video  ‘Start with Why’

2. Create shared values

Next, take it one step further. We’ve developed a roadmap for a workshop that can be used to co-create company / team values in order to achieve maximum buy-in for the values and identify positive behavior associated with the values. Click here to download at no charge.

Every team needs a set of positive, transparent and powerful values to guide their company culture and actions. Stock photo.

A team’s values shape and influence company culture, performance and overall service delivery. Without them, it can be difficult to reach shared goals and company benchmarks.

3. Reinforce existing company values

Some companies might already have a working manifesto or set of values, however, if these principles are not clearly outlined in writing or very memorable, there’s little chance your employees will stick to them.

How can you make sure your team is aligned with the company’s values?

Here at CONTRACT, we’ve developed a roadmap for a workshop that can be used to get teams aligned with existing company values, and to have them identify positive behaviours associated with the values. Click here for a free download.

Guiding principles can help your team achieve success. Stock photo.

When your team is unified and on the same page, things begin to happen with a collaborative synergy – everyone knows what’s going on, their role in making it happen, and ultimately, the goals and targets they’re working towards.

4. Share intel

Shared documents, calendars, images and videos, spreadsheets, chat conversations, and other collateral can streamline your team’s workflow and efficiencies – and prevent the wild goose chases that come when important material goes missing when a team member goes on vacation, leaves the company or is absent for a few days.

Technology tools such as Google’s cloud-based Docs / Sheets / Drive / Hangouts, or apps such as Slack or Asana can make team collaboration easy – even when working remotely.

Collaborative co-working technology can help your team meet its due dates and maximise efficiencies. Stock photo.

They can be particularly useful for multi-disciplinary or international teams, where it would be too costly or inconvenient to be in the same place at once.

Moreover, with every task clearly outlined with deadlines, you’ll have a clear picture of how much work your team can handle, when you need to hire new employees or re-assign staff to other more pressing projects.

5. Delegate and designate

Clearly dividing the labour and assigning tasks accordingly can help ensure tasks won’t fall through the cracks or prevent duplication.

Ensure each team member knows their assigned tasks, responsibilities and deadlines. Stock photo.

By creating accountability and making sure some team members aren’t overloaded, your team can prioritise, meet deadlines and keep focused towards your long-term goals.


Go pro

Would you like CONTRACT to facilitate a professional workshop to get your team onto the same page? Contact us more info.