HR 4.0 - Building a HR team that leads change

HR have often been the organisational 'whipping boys - and girls'.  However their time is now with cataclysmic pressure for change on all sides HR can step into the space that is rightfully theirs. That shift from transactional to transformational will need support - we are here to do just that.

Work 4.0 needs HR 4.0

HR professionals and teams are often dragged into transactional work and it is difficult to get out of this catch-22 situation.  Managers they work with often ‘resist’ any efforts to take more responsibility for the HR aspects of their role and want to keep the operational support they have always had.  So HR teams find it challenging to take businesses forward; time, expertise, experience and internal barriers hold them back.

In this programme we offfer a blend of tools, latest thinking, practical challenges and in-work application that will raise capability and confidence. It will enable HR teams to ‘own their role’, operate at the level they need to, work together and focus on the strategic business imperatives that will make a difference.

Structured around our three-pillared framework of mastering self, knowing clients and consulting skills the programme builds people who can deliver with credibility, trust and wisdom. Facilitated by consultants with experience inside and outside of organisations people who complete the programme will be able to combine the methodologies and practices of external consultants with the insight of an organisational ‘insider’.  Truly the best of both worlds.

Content Available

  • Work 4.0: Understanding the landscape of disruption
  • Building Personal Credibility: Skills to manage yourself and connect with others effectively
  • Knowing My Client: Getting to know the business and personal priorities of clients
  • Consulting Processes & Tools: To enable a strategic impact and make things happen
  • Systemic Thinking & Acting: Using creative and systemic thinking & being aware of biases
  • Employee Engagement & Experience: Approaches that capture hearts & mindsets
  • Coaching: Developing capability and confidence in stakeholders
  • Change & disruption: How to lead and support a culture that thrives in change
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Going further than EE basics and bringing in an inclusive workplace

What you will get

  • ‘Shifting the dial’: Prove value to your organisation by delivering strategic impact through your HR professionals
  • Staying relevant: Refreshed professional capability to deal with work 4.0 challenges
  • Combining the methodologies and practices of external consultants with the experience of an ‘insider’
  • Commercial insight: Knowing how to interpret business drivers and build closer client relationships
  • Cutting through the noise; Communicating with impact and relevance to partners