Talent development

Attracting and retaining talent is the Holy Grail in business today. We work with you to develop a talent strategy and ways of keeping and developing them that will make your company a magnet for top performers.

A recipe for success?

“Finding good people and keeping them is getting harder!”  We hear this cry of frustration on a weekly basis. In some roles skills are so scarce they are almost impossible to find or and a struggle to keep; often these skills are the ones which are pivotal to business success.

So when a resource is scarce you look after it carefully, right? We know that employees want to know how they are doing, to be given challenging responsibility so they can grow, to be involved in decisions and they want opportunities to progress. We know this from survey after survey so why do we have this ongoing nightmare?

A Systemic Approach

We see Talent Development as a system which must be tackled as a whole; tinkering away at parts of the system will only throw up problems elsewhere. In our approach we guide you in bringing all the strands together so that HR and business leaders have a robust Talent infrastructure in place, and can look after their scarce resources better.

Equipping the HR Team

Whenever we implement Talent Development processes we work with the HR team to equip them so they can implement them after launch. We set them up for success by developing the processes together and  partnering them during initial implementation. This enables HR to fully understand it and the challenges involved.

Engaging Leaders in talent development

Leaders often rely on the system to do the job of looking after their people. We work hard to engage their appreciation that they must do it. Helping them to be more proactive in talent as a business issue and a leadership topic; conversations with their people about goals, careers, development, giving feedback, planning succession, dealing with people issues promptly and getting to know their team members.

Developing a talent strategy

We include major HR and business players in our Talent Strategy development processes. This increases business involvement and quality of execution. Our consultants tailor the process to your needs, and add guidance based on their experience and expertise in this field.

We assist organisations in Developing Strategy for their business too.

Above all, we assist you to integrate your strategy into other HR or business systems so everything works seamlessly.

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"In 2016, mothers2mothers (m2m) engaged with CONTRACT to formulate practical ways of implementing our talent management strategy. They provided sound advice about creating a platform for managers to discuss their direct reports’ performance, succession plans and talent gaps. We also collaborated with Contract to create our organisation’s leadership philosophy and establish leadership competencies."

Meaka Biggs, HR Business Partner