Personality Profiling

Self-awareness is the bedrock of awareness in any role or situation. We use personality profiles to unearth blind-spots and  find a way forward.

Insights Discovery

Which are you - fiery red, sunshine yellow, earth green or cool blue? Learn how a unique colour language can help you know yourself better and optimise the way you work, individually and with your team.

Belbin team role profiling

Whether your team operates using agile or not it doesn't matter. Unleashing team effectiveness through discovering  how each person can contribute their own unique and different talents for the team is a must.


Enneagram is an amazingly rich personality profile that enables you to discover more about yourself (and others!) than you thought possible.  Because of this we rate it as one of the more humanist profiles on the market, and that makes it special for us.  We hope it will be for you too!

Lumina profile

Are you interested in deepening your self-awareness or team effectivness? Recieve a unique Lumina self portrait to reveal your many complex, sometimes opposing, aspects.