Stress Resilience

Disruption is the new normal. Every leader needs to know how to anticipate and cope with external stressors. We show you how to create deeper pools of resilience to draw from when life gets stormy.

Resilience Drives Success

Most CEO’s state that the following factors are crucial to their organisation’s sustainability: strong profits, optimal productivity, superior client service, a motivated workforce, retaining top performers, increased staff accountability and reduced absenteeism.

Most employees are looking for meaningful work and an improved quality of life.

If you lack resilience it is likely to lead to ill health, poor motivation and low engagement.  Lacking resilience negates all the expectations CEO’s and employees have listed above. Research has shown that the resulting physical and psychological ill health from low levels of resilience cost organisations 30 times more than when employees are resilient and thriving.

Synergystix Resilience Training

Our Resilience workshop was developed by Dr Mark Orpen-Lyall and developed after years of research. It is based on a multi-dimensional, proactive, coping approach that accommodates a participant’s unique context. The training builds on the synergy (hence the name Synergistix resilience) between 4 quadrants and helps participants build ‘fitness’ in each of them. The quadrants are Mental, Physical, Socio-emotional and Spiritual (purpose and meaning).

The 4 quadrants are built on applying 4 mindsets and we assist you in developing practical behaviours and approaches using straightforward tools and techniques. On the programme you are exposed to a variety of resources they can draw on to build your resilience, which gives you more options to help you thrive. The aim of this approach is for you to find a way to create an integrated life. The key is that oscillation needs to occur to achieve greater levels of resilience fitness e.g. exercise and rest; stimulus and reflection etc. in each of the 4 quadrants.

You will reflect on your own resilience pattern and work out some lasting habits to help you thrive. Its not easy and this is NOT a quick fix programme. We advise participants on sustained effort and repetition and to measure how they do to track progress over time.

Synegystix Resilience – The process

  • Self-awareness built through completing a stress profile prior to the workshop. This highlights potential stressors, personality characteristics and coping techniques.
  • A 2-day interactive workshop including time to reflect, input, activities and discussion to lift the lid on personal approaches to workload, challenges, and other stressors.
  • Building a focused change plan to thrive whatever happens.
  • Weekly nudge emails for 3 months to drive application and sustainability.
  • Short progress review after 4-6 weeks to fine-tune plans.


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