Team Development

We spend as much as 75% of our working day with colleagues. You can’t afford to work against each other. We’re experts at creating engaged, agile and high performance teams.

Signs you might need a team development process

  • You have had a sudden turnover in team members recently
  • Structural changes have led to a new team being formed
  • Significant changes in strategy, processes or leadership
  • Regular conflicts, low morale, poor communication or motivation
  • Mediocre or under-performance
Teams are building blocks for success

Being part of a fun, well-functioning team has always been a huge motivating factor for employees. Teams are also crucial success factors for today’s hyper-fast, super-agile, mega-complex business world. When teams do not function things go wrong, work feels hard and people leave. This applies equally to shop floor teams and board room Exco’s. On the other hand good teams make work enjoyable, processes effective, come up with ideas, and ensure they contribute to strong results.

The bad news is that teamwork isn’t a magic trick, but there is an answer; A Team Development process.

What does a Team Development process involve?
  • A pre-event discussion to identify priority areas for the team to drive design.
  • An off-site workshop focussing on your priority areas of concern, change or opportunity.
  • A series of activities, discussions, or reflection to move the team forward.

The process is likely to include the following:

  • Aligning with corporate culture and strategic goals
  • Creating stronger relationships and positive, adult to adult communication
  • Exploring team strengths, and limitations and strengthening the mix to build excellence
  • Gaining greater clarity about roles, responsibilities and processes, and optimising them
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"We have worked with CONTRACT on numerous occasions and our team development session was an important intervention – it created a greater bond and understanding within the team, while enabling full buy-in to our vision. It ended off with specific action steps to take which took our team to the next level."

Nicolas Rolland, Director

"Our sales team attended a training session with Contact. At first we believed it would be just another training session. We were mistaken. The team was challenged on the notions they held and a wide variety of NEW skills were learnt. Our Sales Engineers started to interact better with everyone by using the contracting techniques learnt on the course. They understood why they were not communicating effectively with customers and this has greatly improved due to the skills they added to their 'toolbox'."

Frikkie Streicher, Business Development Manager

"After conducting the team development workshops, the team was not only aligned , they understood themselves and their team members better. Each individual challenged their own comfort zones and ways of doing, resulting in improved feedback and an overall more effective and efficient working environment."

Erik Steyl, Managing Director