Tools to Use

Tried and tested methods and processes from our toolbox, all free-to-use and share.

In this section you can find some of the tools we use.
We like using simple and transparent methods and you don’t have to be a master facilitator to use the ones we have selected for you here.
We will keep adding to the tools we want to share with you so keep checking in to see what is available.

Creating Team Values

A simple process to enable your team to create and really buy into a set of positive, transparent and powerful values that will guide their actions.

No lip service.

No business jargon.

Just simple and straightforward…

And it works.

Click here to see how to bring your team closer together.

Aligning Team Values

We find teams lose their way from time to time. And its no wonder the demands placed on them; workload, pace, change upon change.

However values can maintain teamwork when the going gets tough.

Values can help keep calm heads when stress is high.

Values can be the glue that holds everything together.

But only if everyone is on the same page.

Sound familiar? Click here to find out how to fine tune your team’s alignment. 

Questions to Shift Thinking

We find that leaders are great at solving problems, giving answers and taking charge.  All good qualities but not if you want to cultivate others to think and own their role.

And asking great questions can stimulate great thinking – if you know how to ask them.

So use the GROW framework – find out more here.

Try different questions out – find the ones that open doors for your team.

Here are some of our favourites to get you started.

And keep at it; after all, big rewards require a little effort