Agilist - operating in agile ways

We come from a humanist angle when we assist organisations in implementing Agile; it starts with people not tools and methods.  It starts with bringing in agilist mindsets and behaviours; that is what makes the methodologies stick.

Humanist - developing people

Our purpose is to assist in creating a humane economy. Our focus has always been to develop people and organisations as a bedrock of a humane economy and world.  A big part of this is to develop people in organisations so they treat each other with respect, compassion, curiosity, whilst at the same time seeing all the potential they have and assisting them to reach it. That is what we call…

Futurist - developing organisations

We are aware that organisations are facing a watershed moment.  Things are changing dramatically for them, with their workforce, with their environment, with technology, and with their customers.  Many are struggling to cope with a myriad of external pressures and with disruptive and exponential change.  Many are also still set up with the same structures, methods and operations that they have had for years.  Evolving is probably not enough any…
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"In 2016, mothers2mothers (m2m) engaged with CONTRACT to formulate practical ways of implementing our talent management strategy. They provided sound advice about creating a platform for managers to discuss their direct reports’ performance, succession plans and talent gaps. We also collaborated with Contract to create our organisation’s leadership philosophy and establish leadership competencies."

Meaka Biggs, HR Business Partner